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Antalya and ruins of Aspendos Theater Guide

"The discovery of the old spelling"

One of the main cities Pamphylian, Aspendos is now in a small border town Kadriye Mediterranean, in the east of Antalya. Residence of the magnificent ancient theater with its excellent acoustics and beautiful structure, Kadriye, where the river Eurymedon (Köprçay) meets the sea. You can find Aspendos amphitheatre, the best preserved ancient theater, with seating for 15000; Belkýs aqueducts and Belkýs bridge, the architectural masterpieces from the ancient Romans is located about 50 km. east of Antalya, at the cradle of the fascinating nature. Do you feel ready to lose yourself in the charming secrets of the millennia-old art, history and vast, peaceful stretch of green? In the near constant sunshine will take you to Aspendos.


Buses from Antalya or Side / Manavgat are the most reliable form of transport. There is no direct transport to Aspendos, you have to climb into the Belkýs intersection and take a taxi to the Buyuk Belkýs village where you will find a wide selection of historic places. Four taxis in the intersection and taxi drivers speak both English and German and redirect all the way.

Along the road from the crossing after Aspendos theater, you will see, cafes and restaurants where traditional Mediterranean kebabs and pastries. Within ten minutes, you will see, first breathtaking view of historical Belkıs (Aspendos) bridge. When you are on the way with his own car, very careful when you are the driving force Aspendos and the village of Belkis. It is prohibited to build new buildings, almost all of the city is under protection. Therefore, the roads to be repaired.

First stop is the bridge of Belkıs, where you can find charming tea gardens and country restaurants. The road, on the Aspendos is much better, but the way the aqueduct and the village Belkýs looks like a disaster. In addition, if you want to see historical works of art you have to walk on the peaks and mountains. If you want to stay longer in this area, you may prefer to stay in Belek, which is a place nearby. Belek has more opportunities for housing and recreation in comparison to Kadriye. Belek also has a beach.

You can hire cars, which is an excellent way to see the region as long as you care for children on the streets.

Photographs of Aspendos


Aspendos was founded by Greek colonists from Argos, who came to Pamphylia after the Trojan war for 13rd Century BC. Soon the city was an important trading center and was one of the first cities in the region to strike coinage under his own name. In the 6th Century BC, King Croesus Lydian conquest of the city. Persians dominated Aspendos, after they won the battle with Lydians. In 467 BC, Lydians got the city back with a surprise attack. But their domination did not last long, Persians attacked and took over.

Aspendos was dominated by Alexander the Great, "used the city as a base in the 3rd Century before Christ. When he died, the Kingdom of Pergamum Aspendians decided until the Roman Empire expanded in the region. In the 2nd and 3 AC century, with wine and olive trees all around yards, Aspendos and got wealthier richer. Built in 2nd AC century during the reign of Marcus Aurelius, Aspendos theater is a product of cultural and economic prosperity. Aspendos theater was designed by architect Zenon, and according to inscriptions on them, as a gift of two brothers, Crispin Curtius and Curtius Auspicatus that Roman gods and the imperial house. The famous aqueduct was in the same period of a local architect and the ruler.

Aspendos was gifted by nature with such fertile soil and the river Eurymedon, where the dealers took ships to the Mediterranean. It is also said that the city had the strongest horse time that were exported in western Mediterranean region.

Seljuk Turks settled in the region in the 13th Century and the beautiful restored Theater, while it as a place of Governors. During the reign of the Ottomans, the historical value of the region has not been noticed.

Aspendos was known throughout the world after the First World War and the theater was restored in the 1930s.

High season

A Mediterranean climate has wet winters and dry summers. In Aspendos, the climate is characterized by excessive summer temperatures and mild winters. For the long hours of sightseeing, visiting Aspendos attempt in May or June. If the sandy beaches and swimming, what attracts you, then please note that the summer lasts until November in the region.

The most important feature of ancient Aspendos theater with a capacity of 15000 people is its strength. After many earthquakes, Aspendos is still standing with his architecture. There are boxes of selected citizens on the main entrances. The upper side of the auditorium is surrounded by 58 columns and a gallery consisted of a statement. The whole auditorium has 20 lines established in bottom lines and 21 seat in the upper side. This theatre is a local architect xenon and his two brothers Chris Curtius Pinus Auscipatus and Curtius in the time of Emperor Antonius Pius (138-164). It attracts attention with its special acoustics. You can test it themselves. Go up, send your friends to the stage, and tell them to speak softly. If there is no noise you can hear it easily. The visitors love this game.

There is also a legend of Aspendos. According to a rumor among the locals; Antonius Pius had a beautiful daughter and two architects were in love with her. Antonius Pius had a duty both of them, he told that he would marry his daughter with the man who makes the most beautiful and useful institution. An architect of the aqueduct built to collect water Belkıs, and the other to the theatre. The emperor was surprised and could not reach a decision. He wanted his daughter divided into two parts, but the builder of the aqueduct was this girl to love more than the other architects objected to this decision and said: "Let them get married, with the creator of the theatre."

Aspendos theater welcomes many musicians each year. The annual festival of opera and ballet will be organised between 10 and 20 July. International artists give concerts and the beautiful theater combines historical values with artistic talents of people.

Surprisingly way the theater was neglected to 1930. After the visit of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a sensitive administrator of the cultural values of the country, Aspendos was under protection of the state. In the photographs in the museum of Aspendos theater, you can see how this historic building has been neglected before 1930. That is why we are grateful for the well-groomed situation of Aspendos theater to Ataturk. The Museum of Aspendos theater is a very small place, there are articles on the theater, pictures of actors during the ancient times, and some photos of the theatre.

Agora basilica is located on the east side of the theatre of herbs and is ruined. You have to walk along the existing line on the back of the theater. It is a strenuous way because of herbs and thorns, although only 200 meters. In addition, some marble ruins on the way, so that the story beneath the feet. You can see ruins of the gymnasium, hammam (bath) and fountain. You see only the front side of these wells is located in the north of the Agora. The ruins of the city buildings in the northwest. Since there are no signs explain the ruins in Agora, you must Look around you carefully. It is a necropolis on the east side of the city centre of daisies. The excavations in this area of Antalya Museum.

Belkis bridge in the length of 225 meters is to Köprçay known as "Eurymedon in the past few years. Another bridge is built on the ruins of the bridge built by the Romans in the time of Alaaddin Keykubad, the Emperor of Anatolian Seljuk. The restoration in the period 1996-1998 the bridge useful, but it was forbidden for all types of vehicles. Today, no vehicles can from this bridge. It is thought that Aqueduct Belkis Village was built simultaneously with the theater. You can climb through a narrow passage between the water-arms. This passage from the dark and narrow stairs, you will reach the upper part by turning. Some parts of the arms are ruined, but if you go east, you see Tone from the Byzantine period.

Gifts & Shopping

It is possible, huge shopping malls selling leather and jewelry around Aspendos theater. Aspendos jewelry is one of them. Near Buyuk Belkýs village, just 500 meters away from Belkıs Bridge, you will find Bazaar 54, a famous shopping mall of jewelry, souvenirs and traditional woven rugs, carpets made of pure wool, pure silk or cotton. Bazaar 54 is a popular place to buy jewellery, especially gold bracelets. The shopping centre has a special design for Aspendos, Aspendos Collection. There you will find almost every kind of traditional jewelry set with diamonds. Net Diamond Center in Kadriye is a suitable place for jewelry ornamented, as well.

Specialist retailer of leather outerwear, apparel and accessories around Aspendos are interesting places, if you want to buy leather jacket, belts or handbags. Especially for women, such as the wearing of leather, leather Belkýs factory shop is a paradise for money. Leather trench coats, anoraks leather jackets, wallets… Ask everything.

Nevertheless, it is always better if you compare the prices with the resort in Antalya.

In Belkýs village, villagers sell handicrafts, handmade blue beads (worn to ward off the evil eye) can attract your attention.



In Belek Serik and public and private health services are available. A safe place to accommodate, Aspendos is free from the hustle and bustle compared to other tourism centers.

Since the roads are not in very good condition, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of injuries among the passengers. Walk and drive technology defensive. Avoid travel at night, if possible, always use the seat belts.

Family Travel Tips

In the historical places like Aspendos, children are difficult to handle. Ten hours sightseeing in the ancient city - For children, there is nothing more than stones and shrubs. You can easily tired or bored around Bazilica - Agora.

Screaming children! Wet clothes! No public toilets at all ... With the children, could make the purchase of a vehicle for one day at least. With a car you can go directly to the cruise, ten kilometers road, you inland, where mountain hamlet on higher alert levels with fresh spring water wells. Try open-air restaurants in the neighborhood side streets where the children are with you, they can help themselves with ice cream and desserts.

Baby-sitting service is available in Altis Hotel and Golf Club Asteria.

Outdoor and Sports

The most popular activities are: hiking, mountain expeditions, trekking and hunting, Jeep Safari, wildlife photography.

If you want to escape the masses, can be found in the nomads' villages in the region where the beautiful high plains between the mountains are relatively undisturbed. You can rent a Jeep or enjoy Safari Jeep Tours - An adventurous journey of Taurus Mountains. Aspendos round you can also find many of the places where you are in water sports. Local travel agencies offer a variety of bus tours to popular spots such as remote Köprçay.


Kadriye is famous with its small restaurants and cafes. Just next Belkýs water pipes, you'll see a small traditional village cafe, where tea drinking apple observe the impressive parts of nature and history. Around Aspendos theater, cafe-theatre restaurant is a good place to relax and taste of Mediterranean cuisine. If you feel like eating, try tomato soup with capers.

Only one kilometer away from Kadriye, Aspendos restaurant and Bahçe (garden) restaurant you can ask with a wide range of food and family-friendly service. For over ten years, the restaurants were served fresh, healthy food, clean by the sea and rich gardens. Find out if Turkish wines you feel like drinking. If only for a snack, try Sigara Böregi. There is nothing more than fried pastry filled with parsley and white cheese.

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